Shirry Group

Tuck Tape Ultimate Outdoor Repair Tape, Sheathing Tape, Construction Grade (Clear)

  • This Colorless tape has the same properties as the original Tuck Tape Red. Transparent Sheathing tape designed and engineered for sealing of joints and permanent seaming of sheathing materials.
  • Provides strong, permanent holding power for sealing, protective benefits, ease of handling, and eliminates drafts around window and door openings.
  • A strong and permanent adhesive that bonds to plastic, metal, and smooth surfaces. UV resistant and provides aggressive bonding at hot and cold temperatures. Designed for Canadian Weather.
  • Application varies from foam insulation, house wrap, and epoxy woodworking tables.
  • Perfect for outdoors; patches temporary garage tents, shelters, tarps, camping equipment, epoxy tables, and many more. It doesn’t stick to epoxy resin and excellent for epoxy mold release.

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