Shirry Group | About Us

Founded in November 2018.

Shirry Group is a simple Canadian online store. We quickly realized that customers worldwide do not have access to the best Canadian manufactured tape that can be used for different applications such as House Wraps, Epoxy Form Release, Mold Release or just about anything you want. 

Shirry Group is more than an e-commerce company. We are a family business that is committed to providing each customer with the best customer service and experience. Our business culture was built to not sacrifice long-term value for short-term results. We read every review, comment, and e-mail that’s how we are obsessed and rigorously eager to learn from the mistakes and improve for a better future. We have embedded in our roots the attitude of Fall Forward. Every idea, every situation, every problem we strive to Fall Forward, we never Fall Back. We live, we learn, we teach. Our business was developed by remaining curious and by listening to our customers.

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